The Zebra Pickup Truck

Yes, it’s true, I’m selling my beloved Zebra striped pickup truck!


UPDATE! IT SOLD! Thanks, all!



1994 Toyota pickup, 5 speed, 22R-E engine. Totally unique paint job, hand designed and painted. Over two thousand dollars in new parts, 286xxx miles, going strong. HOT heater, COLD A/C, good tires.

Asking $3,000 or best offer.

This summer this truck got treated to:

A new timing chain

A new water pump

A new oil pump

A new front driver side control arm (the other three are still in great condition)

A new cylinder head, including cam shaft, valves and head gasket

A new radiator (mechanic’s assistant put a screwdriver through it…)

8 new rocker arms

In short, the top half and front end of this engine are entirely rebuilt! I have all receipts.

Last year it got treated to:

A complete external inspection and rust removal

Custom, eye-catching paint job

Bumper inspection and tow hitch (rated to 3,500 pounds)

New tires (I have receipts)


Tow hitch

Snow chains

CB radio (magnetic antenna, easily stowed behind the seat)

Window shade

Cam straps and bungy cords to secure your load.

It just passed smog (9/28/11) so you won’t have to smog it if you buy it in the next 90 days. Needs: registration is due, we can talk about who picks that up, it’ll need a timing chain cover in the next few months ($125 part), crack in the lower windshield (legal- out of field of view) and has two tears in the driver’s side seat, minor dents and paint chips, nothing noticeable with that pattern.

Great power, this thing ran to Tahoe and back earlier this summer. Good gas mileage- can make it to Fresno and back (400+ miles) on less than a tank and a half of gas (28-30 mpg?)

I’m going car-free and don’t need it anymore. Drive it on your next safari! Go to Burning Man! Great road tripper! Email or text to 510.219.0512

Many more images here:




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