About Anselm

On the road.

Somewhere near the Oregon border.

Written communication is my passion and vocation. That includes blogging, professional writing and editing, academic discourse and creative writing of all colors. Sometimes, that slops over into forums, like the time I got into motorcycles and spent two months tearing into an old Honda. From no idea about motorcycles to reasonable mechanic in two months. All through reading and writing.

Oh, yeah, and I’m into motorcycles. I don’t have a car, just a motorcycle and a bicycle or two. I like wrenching on things, and two-wheelers fit in my garage, so there it is.

I travel when I can- often on the motorcycle. I don’t play as much music as I used to, or as I would like. I paid rent in college with my drums, but rent’s gone up a bit, so that’s not as easy anymore.

I have an MA in English, a dual BA in English and Medieval & Early Modern Studies, and a black belt in Taekwondo. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area these days, and  am available for freelance writing, music, wrenching, beer drinking and general shenanigans.

This is my public-sphere interface port, where I can be reached for writing assignments, professional and academic inquiries, music questions and anything else of interest.

You can contact me at AnselmEngle@gmail.com.


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